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If you have been drinking alcohol, we advise you to drink a Reset AfterDrink before going to sleep. Depending on your own experience you can also take a double (2+2), a triple (3+3), a quadruple (4+4) or even a quintuple (5+5) dose of Reset Recovery capsules with some glasses of water. Preferably take those capsules directly before going to sleep in order to feel fresh and sharp again the next morning.

Don’t forget to drink your Reset AfterDrink when you need it. If you’ve been drinking more alcohol it can happen that your head is less clear than normal. Forgetting to drink Reset AfterDrink is unfortunate and you will experience the next day. To be sure you do not forget, just put one bottle of Reset AfterDrink on your pillow before going to that party. This will help you not to forget drinking Reset before falling asleep.


Drink within 10 seconds after opening and mixing the powder and the liquid. When exposing the powder longer to the water the Cysteine will be demolished creating sulfur which has an unpleasant taste and smell. After using Reset AfterDrink also drink some glasses of water to flush your mouth. Reset is not designed to be a tasteful drink; it’s designed to be effective.


Your kidneys will secrete more water than normally: your vessels will narrow which also contributes to causing a headache. Compensate every glass of alcohol with one glass of water to avoid dehydration or drink some glasses of water before going to sleep.


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Reset AfterDrink and Reset Recovery are not effective against the alcohol levels in your blood. It does not lower these levels.


Do not drink too much alcohol and do not drink alcohol if do not have a legal drinking age.


Reset is a food supplement. A varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are important. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet.