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Reset AfterDrink was created by Jan van der Lende, a renowned Dutch pharmacist who owns 3 pharmacies in the Netherlands.

The idea for Reset was born during one of Jan’s sailing trips with a group of friends in the Caribbean. This was always great fun and a combination of sports and mingling and having drinks with his group of friends and other crews. After having experienced several classic regatta’s with sailing yacht Alert, a wooden 62 ft Philip Rhodes design from 1948, the owner decided that he wanted to compete in some serious racing classes.

So the owner had a new ship built especially for racing in the super yacht class. The Firefly, a beautiful 115 ft J-class look-a-like. Firefly was a completely different ship it required a professional crew. In order to cooperate with this professional crew during the regatta’s the group of friends needed to be super sharp and could not be hindered by the effects of a night of drinking. The owner made it very clear that he could not accept people on board who were not focussed. So the friends concluded that it was up to Jan, as a pharmacist, to develop something that would allow them to enjoy their drinks after a day of hard sailing and still be fresh and sharp the next morning


Jan and his friends needed a solution, one that worked. The goal was to clear; get rid of hangovers to ensure an energised team for sailing in their new, upgraded boat! Renowned Dutch Pharmacist Jan Van der Lende, retreated to his lab for scientific research. He experimented with various formulas until he discovered the perfect combination that created Reset AfterDrink magical recovery detox.

In his laboratory in Amsterdam, Jan started researching the science behind what caused adverse effects of alcohol consumption, and which ingredients are used to cure them. He wanted to get to the bottom of what a hangover exactly is, how and when it starts and the potential ingredients that could help defeat it. After years of research, Jan found a solution, one he was able to turn into an actual product. With this, Reset AfterDrink was born!

Jan developed the product from the age-old myth that after drinking alcohol and before sleeping, you should eat a raw egg. He discovered what the active ingredient of the egg was, and how to get it into the body in sufficient quantities to defeat the side effects of having a few too many. What he found out was that the body was built to naturally break down small amounts of alcohol; such as the small amounts found in unsuspecting items like fruit juice, bread and other processed products. However, the body cannot begin to break down the alcohol and additives present after an evening of recreational drinking.

The most harmful substance produced by Alcohol is Acetaldehyde, too much of this is overwhelming for our bodies and slows down the process of alcohol being turned into Acetic Acid. Our bodies need Acetic Acid to create fuel which we then use as energy. A combination of Glutathione and Cysteine speed up the process, and help create a stable amount of Acetic Acid for our bodies to function normally.

All of these essential hangover fighters are the components needed to create enough energy to beat a hangover!